Hygienic treatment environment and practices are very important when it comes to maintaining patient care standards. As per one survey dental clinics are generating more than half kilogram bio-medical waste everyday which can be very infectious. Strict infection control and proper sterilization are vital for providing hygienic treatment practices.

Our quality protocols :

1. We use only Distilled water for all our patients.

2. We use disposable gloves, suction tips, mask, needles and glasses for each patient.

3. We adhere to standard protocols of instrument sterilisation and maintain complete hygiene, sterilised instruments are stored in appropriate pouches/cabinets to maintain sterility.

4. A team of super specialists offer the highest quality of dental care across all branches of dentistry.

5. The clinical waste generated from our clinic is disposed as per strict local civic norms. Disposable needles are discarded by a burning process as per WHO norms.

6. A dedicated paediatric dental approach provides a calm n soothing environment for the children.

7. We do not use mercury based silver fillings in our clinic as they have shown to be harmful.


* We are aware of the hazards of cross contamination in the dental clinic and take all possible precautions for your safety as well as our.

* All possible materials are disposed, including gloves, glasses, suction tips etc.

* All precautions are taken, where AIDS and Hepatitis are concerned.


With a number of infectious diseases cropping up and (dreaded AIDS) on a rise, we understand the need for strict infection control and sterilization. Our practice takes stringent measures to minimize the risk of infection. Complete sterilization cannot be achieved by simply boiling instruments in water.

At Happy Teeth, we achieve foolproof sterilization of all instruments by putting them through two stages of sterilization. In the first stage, the instruments are cleaned using Ultrasonic instruments, chemi-claved or cold sterilized with anti-bacterial, fungal, viral and surface disinfectants.

In the second stage the instruments are autoclaved. That is, the instruments are subjected to steam treatment at a pressure of 20 PSI at 130 degree Celsius for at least 15 minutes. Before autoclaving, sterilization authentication strips are placed in the autoclave along with the instruments. These strips change colour only when complete Our quality sterilization is achieved.

A separate set of sterilised instruments is used for each patient.


Following standard international procedures for infection control, single-use disposables are used wherever possible; for example hand gloves for surgeons and assistants, suction tips, injection needles, etc. In addition, we use single use disposable wrappers to cover all areas where the doctor is likely to come into contact with. For e.g. dental tray handles, 3-way syringes, etc.

Dr PRACHI DESAI believes in delivering the best health care services to all individuals. She believes that every individual is special and gets their concerns addressed with utmost care. She has completed her BDS from Nair Hospital, Mumbai and her PGD from BRAID, U.K. She has an experience of more than 15 years as a dental surgeon... Dr. Prachi Desai Owner